The following processes are available

  • Sawing and moulding of boards and beams to your specifications
  • Sawing of top layers
  • Fine sawn solid floor boards or fine sawn engineered wood flooring
  • Moulding engineered floor boards (including herringbone)
  • Moulding of a variety of common profiles. In addition to our standard profiles, we can manufacture any moulding style you need. Should special equipment be needed, we can have this made by our grindery at cost price .
  • The complete process from working raw material into finished engineered floor boards, parquet or solid wood flooring. From sawing to moulding, end matching, filling of knots, gluing and sanding.
  • Gluing of top layers with a reliable D3 water proof adhesive before transferring the boards into our (246 tons) press for thirty minutes.


engineered floor boards  Vertical band saw
Hot off the press                                  Sawing lamellas


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