Solid floor boards

ALTHOUGH SOLID WOOD FLOORS are more susceptible to humidity and temperature changes than engineered wood floors, they are still an asset of beauty. They can be sanded many times over the decades without getting too thin. Some old houses and buildings still have the wood floors that have been fitted more than a hundred years ago. Our solid wood floors are made of the best quality oak and manufactured with an eye to the most advantageous manner of sawing and moulding in order to keep gaps, expansion, contractions and instability to a minimum.

Parquet, traditional and herringbone ore other patterns

Parquet is made of solid 6 to 9mm wood. It is glued or nailed down upon a chipboard subfloor. This should be done by a specialist. Parquet is especially suited to lay patterns, such as mosaic, herringbone, border or inlay patterns.

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