Engineered wood flooring

OUR ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORING is composed of a 12mm high-quality layer of birch plywood, upon which a 4mm (or other thickness if desired) top wear layer of solid wood is glued. Our engineered floor boards have the look and feel of solid  wood flooring, but the benefits of being engineered, which makes our floors more stable than solid wood flooring, they show fewer gaps,  show less tendency of cupping and can be installed over a variety of different substrates. Especially our wide engineered  (1800-4000mm)  wood floor boards are nearly indiscernible from solid wood flooring.

In our production plant in Hattem, Netherlands, we work mainly with high-quality oak from Germany, France and Ukraine, Vintage wood and Dutch Douglas  but also other species are available upon request.

Our engineered flooring is manufactured according to you specifications concerning species, length (up to 5000mm) , width, with or without bevel sides.


Engineered floor boards
Engineered oak floor boards




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